Power of Gratitude helps Dealing Covid-19 Anxiety

The Power of Gratitude

Teaching our kids to say “Thank you’’ is important but more important is instilling the value of gratitude in them…. Gratitude goes Beyond Therapy. New research on gratitude finds that it helps younger kids and students to be happier and more compassionate. Believe it or not, Gratitude has always been a very significant element of healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Gratitude counteracts the instant gratification of demands by children today. As parents, it becomes our prime concern to raise our children with Gratitude. It does not only make them a happier person, but also makes them a greater and a more responsible individual who has values to instigate in the further generations to come. The tips that I now share, shall become a helping hand for you to guide your child down the path of a compassionate, optimistic, and a grateful life;

1. Count Your Blessings Every time your children feel blue, show them the brighter side of things. Make them realize that they have a family that is rooting for them, their parents who love them with all their hearts and will provide unconditional support, and friends to add colors in a daily black and white show. Show them how they have a shelter to protect them, clothes to warm them, food to sustain them, and most of all, love and belongingness that keeps the world going.

2. Thank You A “thank you” has a very deep and important meaning. The children need to realize that there are a set of people responsible for every need that has been met for them- in the society, as well as in the family. The meaning and the value of the words “thank you” play a major role in changing one’s perspective of the world. This needs to be modeled at home by you, the parents.

3. Spend Mindful Time with Your Kids Understand that no gift could be as valuable as your time with your children. This will open the doors for better understanding, sharing and bonding between you and them. In the talks, show how important they are for you, and how truly grateful you are to have them.

4. Encourage Your Children to be Helpful Helping others instills a certain joy of giving, which is the natural mantra of a happy being. When they try and help others, they realize that others are grateful towards them, which encourages children further. Make them more cooperative and appreciate their helpful nature.

5. Help Kids Find What Matters To Them As adults, it’s our pleasure to help kids discover their passions and to find a path of purpose that co-relates with them— with their values, interests, and dreams. This begins with encouraging them to learn and to discover more and more about the social issues the kids care about. Help them to understand in what ways they can make a difference towards these issues and how important it is for all of us to take initiatives, no matter how big or small on personal levels. The deepest sense of Gratitude in life comes from connecting to a bigger picture, to an issue that matters to others and doing things that contribute to society down the road.

Trying to make grateful kids isn’t just an issue for families; it’s an issue for society as well. Society desperately needs to harness the Power of Gratitude.”

By Minu Dubey

Counselor & Psychologist

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