Mental Health & Stigma

In India, the preceding stigma of mental illness provides for people to pack their emotions, stress, anxiety inside a cupboard, lock it and then misplace its key. The last thing they want to do is to actually go through what they packed up, speak of it or seek support. 71% of people still try to get under the blanket of comforting, more ambiguous statements to shadow mental illness. (Ex. It is just a phase, it happens at times, it will be okay, it is nothing, stop worrying.) In our country, we tend to spend much more time and effort on work than most others. And we all know what job insecurity, challenging projects, ambitious yet pushing targets, draining deadlines, intimidating performance pressures and seeking appraisals can do to an already enough stressed mind. Amid the chaos, we forget how something that provides us a status and social identity in fact becomes a major source of stress in our lives. Add personal, family and financial problems to the aforementioned ruckus and viola, we have a fertile breeding land for mental illness.

With such a callous attitude of employees and employers towards mental health, and almost complete negligence to seek help, many such individuals then struggle to cope, tend to under-perform, resort to call in sick and are highly likely to quit work altogether. About 67% people admit that they succumb to ponder over work and continue to do it even on their leaves, leading to extreme cases of burnout and general loss of time and missing events in their daily lives, which further aids the saddened mind frame and fear of missing out. This becomes the reason for us to realize the unfathomable impact that stress-related Presenteeism and health-related Absenteeism firmly holds the reins of a company’s overall output and performance, making it significant yet deterrable at a much more significant rate.

Low productivity of a company is directly proportionate to the performance of an employee, which highly depends on their availability, mental and emotional competence. And for all we know and have seen throughout history, being with a headstrong mind and mental peace, makes you win the race after all!

Beyond Therapy and Wakingup Mindfulness have teamed up to provide the best we can and hold it out to the society. Our motto is to gain momentum for the cause of mental health, to make YOU the best version that you can be, to slowly and gradually help individuals bead their mind together and make the most powerful and admirable garlands, each one unique. All we ask of you is to now, support us.

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