6 Warning Signs that your Relationship Needs Expert Conflict Resolution Therapy

It is common knowledge that relationships take a lot of effort, time, and patience. There might be days when you fall into exhausting arguments with your partner. At times, certain conflicts get solved on their own in a relationship. However, how can you find out whether your relationship is in trouble? To make things easier, here are six warning signs that your relationship needs expert conflict resolution therapy:

01 You and your partner argue constantly whenever you are together:

While minor conflicts and disagreements are quite common in relationships, it is definitely alarming when they happen constantly. When needless arguments take over a relationship, your life can become less peaceful and more nerve-wracking. Such issues can not only affect your relationship with your partner, but also your mental and physical health. For a relationship to last long and be healthy, it is important to argue less and communicate with each other better. If this is not working out, then your relationship might be in trouble. An experienced therapist can help you understand each other’s points of view, and devise a plan to avoid conflicts in the future.

02 You can’t remember the last time you spent relaxed moments with your partner:

The majority of the time you spend with your partner should make you feel at peace, and not like you are preparing for war. It is not healthy to be thinking about starting an argument each time you are with your partner. If you feel the same, then it is highly likely that your relationship is in urgent need of fixing. If you and your partner get into endless arguments each time you face a conflict or issue, it can lead to even greater problems in the long run. Therefore, if you get a strong feeling that you do not enjoy the time you spend with your partner, then your relationship probably needs expert conflict resolution therapy.

03 You and your partner have a lot of past unsolved issues:

There might be unsolved matters in your relationship that were intentionally or unintentionally left undiscussed. Such issues can later cause serious damage to your relationship by causing distressing arguments. For many, it can seem easier to hide the issue from their partners rather than talk about it and cause further trouble. However, it is crucial to address and let go of past issues if you want your relationship to move in a healthy direction. Many people are of the opinion that speaking about issues in the presence of a third person, preferably an expert will provide closure to past issues and conflicts. Therefore, if you and your partner appear to be suffering from the after-effects of past issues, then expert conflict resolution therapy will prove to be highly useful. You will be able to gain complete closure from such issues.

04 You feel emotionally and physically distant from your partner:

Endless arguments can wreck a relationship and make you feel like it is worthless to stay in. However, there might be many things in your relationship that makes it worthwhile; your current situation could be making it difficult for you to realise it. In order to get your relationship back on track, it is important to bridge the distance between you and your partner, both physically and mentally. This involves resolving conflicts once and for all, and instead spending happy and affectionate moments together. If you feel that there is an unhealthy distance between you and your partner emotionally, then it is time to opt for expert conflict resolution therapy.

05 Your relationship is getting too stressful for you to handle:

No relationship is a bed of roses. There will always be several days of stress and confusion. But when the stress gets too difficult to handle, it is a clear sign that there is something dangerously wrong in the relationship. Your relationship should make you feel happy on most days. If it doesn’t, there could be toxicity between you and your partner that needs to be removed. Draining arguments can cause escalating stress in a relationship, and eventually cause partners to leave each other, In order to avoid such issues, it is important to alleviate stress in the relationship by trying out expert conflict resolution therapy.

06 You have considered leaving your partner multiple times:

A relationship becomes worthless when it involves more arguments and less joy inducing moments. You might feel distant from your partner due to a number of reasons, including miscommunication, lack of affection, and so on. If such issues are causing conflicts between you and your partner, and nudging your relationship towards a breakup, then it is time to evaluate your relationship. If the thought of leaving your partner crosses your mind several times a day or week, it is definitely not healthy to allow the relationship to move in that direction. Instead, you can figure out what you feel about your partner and your relationship through expert conflict resolution therapy. You can figure out what to do about the unfavorable situations in your relationship with professional help.

Why is expert conflict resolution therapy worthwhile?

Now that you know the warning signs in a relationship, it is time to figure out whether you and your partner need conflict resolution therapy. The conflict resolution counseling package at Beyond Therapy can help you and your partner deal with the above-mentioned issues together and promote a conflict-free relationship. It will give you and your partner an expert’s point of view of your relationship. You will also be able to receive clear suggestions on how to manage conflicts when they occur in the future. With expert guidance, solving common issues and conflicts gets much easier than ever before. Rather than getting into repetitive and tiring arguments with your partner, you can calmly discuss and solve your issues once and for all. Therefore, taking all things into consideration, expert conflict resolution therapy can help you save your relationship from never ending conflicts.

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