Yoga, Psychology and Mental Health Co-relation

The exciting intersection of Yoga Therapy and Psychology, and the mounting research suggests that including yoga in a therapeutic setting could have wide-ranging benefits for people looking for therapeutic interventions.

Yoga which is ‘Yog’ means addition of Soma (body) with Psyche (Mind) has very effective impact on every individual. Yog Asanas activate our parasympathetic system which is responsible to prepares us for any adverse situation. Yoga works on our endocrine glands which secret appropriate hormones to handle all life functions in regulated way which in turn are responsible for emotions we feel.

Everyday easy yogic exercises enhance one’s self esteem, confidence and feel good factor because you are psychologically satisfied to be engaged in activity the world is talking about.

Breathing techniques, gentle movement to reduce physical tension present in mental health issues, relaxation-based exercises are evidence-based benefits from Yoga to each life to combat issues like anxiety, depression, sleep issues.

To summarize, here are some lines by Ashly Asti…

The way I touch earth and heaven at once, stretching from soil to sky.

The way the mat holds my feet and my feet hold me.

The way it seems so simple, something to be brushed off as ‘too easy,’

and the way it is actually “foundational”.

The way I know

that when I am in it, I am it—

unshakeable no matter what winds blow, or rains pour down.

It is as if I remain, eternal, undaunted, majestic mountain pose.

Minu Dubey

Psychologist & Counselor

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