Our Counsellors

MISAN consultancy services was developed in 2015 with the vision of creating a collective space where individuals can turn to access mental health services to achieve inner growth and wellness. We believe in an integrative approach to health and wellbeing that utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities and prioritizes the needs of our clients.

We have our operations in India and Canada and is run by professionals who come with extensive experience in their respective fields.

We in India have been engaged in professional & personal development of individuals from diverse backgrounds under the Project “Beyond Therapy” with our primary focus on Self-awareness, self-improvement and mental wellbeing of all age groups.

We strive to maintain a down-to-earth and authentic approach to helping individuals to regain control in their lives and grow towards discovering their true selves and finding balance.

Our team is comprised of experienced and compassionate psychotherapists who are dedicated to help you on your journey of self-growth and discovery. Get in touch with us today to schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone Consultation to see how our services can help you.

​We believe that with compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, grooming and self-management, life gets better for everyone.

Meet The Team

We at Beyond therapy Counselling & Psychotherapy services, have carefully selected a dedicated team of professionals who value and respect the uniqueness of each individual and will stand by you every step of the way. We will take great care in listening to and understanding your presenting issues and collaboratively develop a plan to help you achieve your wellness goals to live a more rich and meaningful life.

Our team consists of Counsellors for specialised areas of counselling and professionals for Assisted Therapies like YOGA, Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Physiotherapy.

Our Team is headed by our Head Psychotherapist Ms. Minu Dubey

Ms. Minu Dubey

Head Psychologist - MA, MPhil, Psychology

Akash Dhawan

Counselling Psychologist and Mindfulness Transformation Teacher as a Counsellor

Maya ika Lamar

Masters in Art Therapy - Bachelors in Psychology