Intimacy Is

When you walk an extra mile for your partner, so they don’t have to be alone.

The way you put your thoughts across, being considerate of the choice of words having an impact on them.

Making sure your partner does not miss what can mean a big deal to them.

Knowing when they need a hug and when they need a kiss.

Understanding that even your partner has boundaries, and not overstepping them.

When you need to talk, and when you need to let it go.

Remembering their coffee/tea order and taking it along to see them.

Laughing till your stomachs hurt.

Spending time together, even if it means sitting in silence.

When you are concerned about the decisions they make, but don’t pester them.

You are there for them when things go south.

You don’t disregard them when they go in a direction different from yours.

You consistently helping them have a better day.

Intimacy is, by dictionary and as a concept, not about physicality. Relations are beyond that. The body only obeys, the mind rules heart and soul. That is where intimacy comes in. That is where you reach when you are intimate with someone. The way you know what they smell like, their favorite flowers, their go-to orders and comfort food, which scented candle would they prefer when they are not there to make a choice, their music choice. Intimacy is a realm beyond physicality.

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