Why does Fire die between certain Couples after a while?

1. Becoming business partners only. The relationship may have turned into a business arrangement in which the couple works together to maintain a life or a lifestyle that they both need or want. Romance and sexuality may have left the arrangement a while ago. Money is discussed but sex is not.

2. Exhaustion. You all know about this and how it affects sexual desire. Between working and taking care of kids and perhaps even aging parents, sex assumes a place low on the priority list. It may be hard to think about sex and even harder to engage in it if you don’t have one ounce of energy left.

we should just sit together like real people do.

3. Not feeling good about your body. Over the years, your body may have changed. Perhaps, this is the result of having children, aging, less activity, overeating etc. Whatever the reason, hardly anyone who feels badly about their body wants to get naked with someone who has seen them in better times. Right?

4. Discomfort during sex. This may apply to anyone but I hear this most frequently from women who are getting older and are concerned about dryness and pain during sex. Many have been reluctant to discuss this with their gynaecologists because of embarrassment and shame.

5. Boredom. Simply put, the lack of novelty and the same sexual routine may have lost appeal. Who, after all, really wants to do something thing, over and over again? Do you? Do you think that your partner does?

6. Lack of trust after an affair. You or your partner may have reconciled following an affair. Trust, however, may still be an issue that stands clearly between you and your partner. Who, after all, wants to become intimate and vulnerable with someone who they do not trust?

7. Bad hygiene. Your partner may have stopped showering and brushing his teeth before coming into bed. This is both off-putting and also a sensitive topic. So combine the topics of personal hygiene and sex and things fall apart fast.

Reconnect with your partner. It can be just as good as it used to be, provided you sit down and talk about yourselves.

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