Not (Always) So Bad As It Seems

Amid screeching summer

Comes a day with shade,

When birds chirp and children play outside,

When the old and the young enjoy an ice cream drive,

When the sun beams from far away,

The clouds succeed to fog your dismay,

The breeze caresses and you gently hum and sway.

In that moment, you realise that it is not so bad as it seems.


Amid penetrating winter

Comes a day with balmy sun,

When the rays faintly tingle the earth with a tranquil touch,

You step out with a cup of your favourite hot coffee,

The aroma of which mingles with the outside loftily,

You go to the park for a walk,

Your grumpiness and tiredness inside a cascade you lock.

And you find a child and his grandmother in a conversation,

On one side, there is a litter of puppies, chasing a stick in all deliberation.

Then, for a while, you forget about the deadlines you have to meet,

You put your worries in the backseat,

And just in that moment, you think to yourself,

It is perhaps not so bad as it seems.


You know the last bite of your ice cream does not always have melt,

It does not always have to feel weird, feeling what you never felt,

You can actually get away with a crushed dress, because nobody noticed,

Your school bus does not always have to leave you by,

Sometimes it might just stay wait for a while,

Sometimes, the wrong number can actually turn out to be right,

If you are comfortable, you do not have to diet,

Sometimes, it is okay to challenge the might,

Maybe you could also give up on a fight,

Because, trust me, being kind is more important than being right.

Remember, when you are striving,

That best fruit does not always have to be forbidden,

So continue on this roller coaster that you are riding,

For, it is somewhere around, just hidden.

And when you find it, you will come back to me

Tell me that, in fact it is not so bad as it seems!

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