Anger Management Counselling

Lao Tzu mentioned once, “The best fighter is never angry.” A fighter that still sees light in a dark room, lead a life that is purposeful, positive and fruitful. For every minute that you are angry, it is taking 60 seconds of your own peace of mind. We are not saying that anger is bad. We all feel angry and frustrated at different times of the day, but blowing up or letting out your anger in an aggressive way, that creates a negative impact on yours as well as others outlook. Outbursts of anger have a far more serious complication on your health, relationships and personal growth.

You must have noticed that whenever you blow up in anger, you yourself might not feel too good about it. It is simple. You need to learn to manage your anger so that it doesn’t destroy you and the people around you. Anger is a completely normal emotion. So, now you will ask if anger is normal, then why do I need anger management counselling?

Anger management counselling is a tool provided by our online counselling experts that help you to manage your anger in a healthy way. You are not suppressing your anger, which is a complete myth about anger management counselling. You are channelling it and expressing it in a more healthy way. You are not losing control of your emotions but with the help of your personal online anger management counsellor, you will learn to resolve issues without letting your anger out.

So, how do you know if you need anger management counselling?

  • Do you not easily compromise? If you feel you should have.
  • You view personal opinions as a challenge. You have a hard time accepting people as they are.
  • You cannot express other emotions like love, sadness, empathy easily.
  • Rather you see yourself angry all the time?
  • You jump to conclusions.
  • You blame people for their actions
  • Overthinking & over generalising, relatable?


Beyond Therapy suggests that you talk to one of our online counselling experts today. Connect with them at your own convenient time. Tell them how you feel. Our anger management counselling experts will help you reach the root cause of your anger. Sometimes, we are blanketing thousands of emotions inside our anger and it is not easy. We understand. Our online therapists will guide you through your anger and you will learn how to manage your anger more effectively.

You can talk to our experts on phone call, chat or email. Remember, we are there to help you. We will keep every inch of your personal information 100% confidential. Consider online counselling therapy for your loved one if he/she needs it too.

You will see that if communicated properly and in a more testable way, anger can prove to be an inspiration for change. A change that can work towards a resolution rather than letting it out aggressively.

If you or your loved one feel the same way about anger, connect with one of our online counsellors on anger management counselling. You will feel much better.


How can I control my anger?

You can now get your anger in check and control by seeking help from expert certified online counsellors. The purpose is to first recognise and then change your negative behaviour that flares up all that anger.

Can anger affect my health?

Yes, chronic anger can lead to many physical health issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack and extreme exertion besides hampering your ability to make informed decisions.

Is anger a mental health issue?

Yes, chronic anger which could be the result of stress, family problems, and financial issues is a sign of mental health issues or not a mental disorder.

Why do I get angry so easily?

Anger can be because of a lot of personal problems, work related, relationship, marriage, substance abuse or natural and unnatural events bad traffic or getting in a car accident

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