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If somebody asks us what is the most common mistake that couples make, we say that they wait for too long. Too long to seek help or advice from a professional relationship psychotherapist, psychologist, therapist or counsellor. One should not wait for too long for it to go bitter. The question is can relationship counselling be of any help? Can it help reduce the negativity around? Can couple counsellor clear the air between two partners?

But how do we know that we need a psychotherapist or psychologist? Or, just talk to someone who can find a way out to resolve issues. You don’t need to pretend them anymore that the issues don’t exist. Rather we suggest that you book an appointment with an online relationship counsellor, psychologist at Beyond Therapy, so that you can talk about your issues.

So, when do you know that you need to talk to a couple relationship counsellor or an online relationship counsellor near me? Have you ever wondered about the signs in a relationship that tell you that you need a relationship counselling? Don’t worry! We will tell you. Step by step. And, if you notice any of these signs, know that you need to connect to a relationship counsellor.

1. You never talk but it is just fighting.

You and your partner have difficulty talking and resolving your conflicts. Whenever there is a talk, either side gets too emotional or upset. You feel you have entered a battleground.

Trust us, you need to connect to a relationship counsellor, therapist immediately. A good counsellor, preferably online counsellor, so that you can take time and think about resolving the issues without ending up in an argument.

2. You never bring up difficult issues.

Certain problems you tend to ignore and never bring them up because you know you are too scared.

Here, a online relationship counselling will help you address the most difficult parts with ease. A relationship counselor will help you develop a coping strategy.

3. You have got questions if you love your partner any more.

Sometimes, it is difficult to know your true feelings because you are undergoing a lot of stress. It doesn’t mean you have fallen out of love but feels misplaced.

Seeking the help got relationship counselling advisor or expert will not only take a huge burden off your chest but also make sure you talk openly. Basically, with help of relationship therapy online, you get space to think what you need to do. And, everything is done confidentially so that you are not hesitant and talk freely.

We suggest talking to one of our trained certified relationship counsellors, therapist, consultant via video call, chat, phone call or email service. We are there to help you.

So, now that you know what point of time you need counselling for your relationship, it is important to also know that virtual relationship counselling can help a broken relationship. Better than face to face relationship counselling, you or both the partners can actually put their heart out to the online relationship advisor about your personal problems. There are no lingering judgments and everything remains confidential. There have been studies that found that an online counselling for relationships is far more effective to get relationship advice.

Counselling Can Help A Broken Relationship

Definitely. If not mend it, it can provide a healthy closure that is must to move on from any long relationship so that both the partners can benefit out of the separation. Of course there will be sadness and longing, but with the help of a good online advisor, you will be able to come to a common ground. Actually, in some cases, it has also been seen that after you talk to a relationship counsellor about your problems, you are able to deal with them effectively because it opens lines of communication.

You are then, more freely able to talk to your partner about the problems you are facing with each other and more empathetically respond to theirs too.

This helps in effectively mending ways to go about any relationship. Be it getting back together, divorce, breakup – you will be able to rationally think it through rather than abruptly ending things and mentally suffering thereafter.

Find the top rated online relationship counsellor near you

We are living through a pandemic and endless lockdowns. It can very easily take toll on our ability to communicate with our partners and hence, create problems in the relationship. The irony of the fact is that you cannot even go out and seek help. Then how to get relationship counselling online? Can you trust anyone? Or, can you effectively talk to a psychiatrist online? How do you know if it is the right match for you?

To your every question, we have a solution. We have created a one-stop solution for your requirement of relationship advice online. Here, at Beyond Therapy, you will find thousands of certified top recommended relationship counselling experts online in a jiffy! All you need to do is get in touch through our website and tell us your preferred mode of communication. Our team will find you the best relationship counsellor.

You can either chat with your relationship expert, or talk to them over the phone or video call. This is where you get the best relationship advice for couples – married or not married.

You can talk freely to your love counsellor and get the right advice anytime, anywhere.

Why is Relationship Counselling Important?

Well, before we dig in why is relationship counselling or couple counselling is important, let’s look at some of the facts –

  • We have found that 98% couples who consider marriage or couple therapy, consider getting relationship advice online a success.
  • 80% of the couples have already reported that there have been significant improvements in their relationship after they seek professional counselling.
  • Couples who get relationship advice tend to have lesser stress and anxiety issues.

So, what do you think? You already know that relationship counselling provides a safe space for both the partners to talk about their issues and respective causes. The CBT/REBT based therapy will help you have a better understanding of what changes you need in your behaviour towards your partner, have holistic changes, learn healthy communication and enhance self help techniques for similar situations in the future.

Whether you are a going for pre-marital counselling, family disputes, sexual concerns, homosexual couples, or as new parents, look for the specialised counselling service.

Finding the right relationship counsellor

Now the next step is to find the right therapist and it should not be done hastily. More than time and effort, it requires expertise. And, this is the exact job of our team at Beyond Therapy. Don’t take the stress of finding the right therapist. All you need is to trust our network of therapists, talk freely about all your issues and we will make sure that we will recommend you the best online relationship counsellor.

Every therapist is certified to high standards that ensure competence, which in turn works in the interests of the client because they have the right experience, and expertise.

What will you get in the end?

In the end, you will walk out happy after talking to your relationship counsellor!

  • You will have identified the issues and will be working on with the support of an unbiased professional.
  • Deep insights on the dysfunctional dynamics of your relationship in the past, present and future
  • You will be able to restore trust by learning to communicate your vulnerabilities.
  • After your session, you will be walking out with a more solution-oriented approach that strengthens not just your mind but your relationship too.
  • You will see an improvement or new found empathy and problem solving skills.
  • There will always be ongoing support for you in the future.

For a far more flexible and accessible option to begin treatment of your couple problems, we recommend meeting your therapist online.

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Can counselling help save my relationship?

Yes, counselling can definitely help open lines of communication between you and your partner and manage immediate pain and disruption that your relationship might be going through.

Is online counselling effective in counselling relationships?

Yes, as a matter of the fact, online counselling is seen as a far more effective way of getting relationship therapy because you can talk more openly to your counsellor on phone and chat than face to face.

How can I save my relationship?

First, reevaluate your relationship if it is worth saving. Then, try talking to your partner about how you feel about the disruption in the relationship. If you think you need help, talk to a relationship counseling expert.

When do I know I need relationship counselling?

You know you need outside help when you cannot fix a relationship on your end. If you feel you simply cannot talk to your partner openly about the problems that you think might be the reason for the broken relationship, you need relationship counselling.

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