Is love ENOUGH?

Relationship Counseling helps you answer one of the most core question – Is love enough? Often relationships go sour, communication gets broken or misunderstood, distrust creeps in and relationships that were once a source of happiness, reach a bitter end due to unresolved hurts, unmet needs, disappointments and unrealistic expectations.

Love is a necessary factor for a strong and fulfilling relationship but NOT enough. So WHAT is? Relationships require concerted effort from both ends. They require listening, empathy, understanding, healthy boundaries, communication & consistency, to name a few and this is what Relationship counseling helps you work on.

Relationship counseling creates a safe and conducive space for individuals to communicate without hurting each other, understand without judging each other and create a better understanding of each other’s needs. Relationship counseling offers an opportunity to heal, build and thrive. It helps one explore and understand how unique, subjective elements of each individual personality might be creating friction in the relationship and how to repair the rupture caused due to it. And sometimes, it helps us move on from a relationship that is beyond repair.

Talk a Relationship Counsellor About

Break Ups

Many times our love stories do not end in a “happily ever after”. Factors like communication gap, lack of quality time, mistrust, egos, long distance or other conflicts end up breaking relationships and our hearts. Moving on is tough, and one can experience a whole range of difficult feelings, complicated thoughts, obsessive behavior patterns, which can affect one’s productivity at work, quality of relationships with friends and family and squander one’s self-esteem & self-image.”

Instant and quick fixes may help to distract ourselves for a short period of time or numb the pain for a while but don’t resolve the emptiness and hurt we experience. Break up Therapy Helps – Expressing pain, finding stability, Grieveing the loss, Seeking answers to questions & gaining closure.

Lack of Trust in Relationships

Of the many factors that can complicate a relationship, lack of trust in your partner or trust in a relationship is one of the hardest ones to deal with. Trust in a relationship is the act of placing confidence in your partner. When you trust your partner you are able to strip your soul to them and let them in your life easily. We cannot weigh trust in terms of either/or but more based on degree and intensity of its presence.

Relationship Counselling can help you developing insight into deep rooted reasons for lack of trust, allow expression of feelings of hurt, betrayal, anger or resentment from past emotional wounds, gain understanding personality factors that create mistrust, break cycles of negative/unhealthy thought patterns, foster better communication, & develop long lasting changes

Losing The Spark

“It’s not like before anymore. We used to plan dates, slow down our day with a quick call to catch up, get upset with each other and spend more time making up for bad words said to each other. Now, we are only hurriedly rushing towards things that don’t seem to bring us together at any point in the day. Getting upset or angry is a waste of time, we would rather sleep on it. Some days it is almost like we are invisible to each other. Our relationship is on autopilot mode, it seems like too much work to take a charge.” If this sounds familiar then individual therapy or couple counselling can help you reconnect with each other. Learn techniques to turn towards each other & establish a better balance among your individual and couple expectations

Falling Out of Love

Happily Ever After doesn’t always happen. Love is a complex mix of feelings, emotions, attraction, attachment, respect, admiration between two individuals who will keep evolving over time.You may love each other as you are today but as you both evolve as people, will you continue to be AS PERFECT as you were when you set out?

When one doesn’t feel in love anymore, they experience a sense of dissonance within one self. We may project our idea of love or relationship on other person. We try to show and be our best of selves. At the same time, we make their favorites our favorites too. Sometimes, being the person they would like. Therapy can help you gain a deeper perspective and enable you to rebuild your relationship.

Build a Fulfilling Marriage

A Marriage is an alliance of two people and – Their Families, Their Mindsets, Their Opinions, Their Choices, Their Likes/Dislikes, Their Pasts, Their Goals. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Unmanaged conflicts and negative interactions can cause marital conflict. Communication, understanding and objectivity can turn a conflict into a learning experience for the couple and they can bring back the joy in their married life! Beyond Therapy Couple therapy can help you with a blend of individual & couple sessions and enable you to tackle both external & internal challenegs.

Family Bonds

“The bond that links one’s true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life.” Family is a unique system that has its own styles of communication and behavior towards its members. Untying knots between family members, communicating and giving space to each other can bring back joy to a family. Family bonds can be rekindled through individual therapy as well as family caounselling.


Romantic relationships are a beautiful experience. However, life is not always about walking over petals of roses. The desire to be accepted and the possibility of rejection can lead to feelings of insecurity and trust issue. Therapy is for people who are striggling to reach out to person of interest due to lack of confidence and even for people struggling to keep the flme alive while dating.

Cheating in Relationship or Marriage

“We have been together for 5 years and it was happening right under my nose and I didnt even realise. I trusted him with all my heart. Not just as a partner, but as a human being. How could he stoop so low to cheat and break my trust like this?” Cheating in a relationship is a devastating and an emotionally painful experience. A breach of trust in a relationship feels unbearable. Many couples part ways and marriages get torn apart due to infidelity. Counselling & therapy helps you identify signs of infedility, understand the causes and helps you rebuild the relationship or assist you in moving on.


Friendships are an important part of our lives as we share so much with them. Sometimes due to time constrains, ego clashes, miscommunication & certain other factors our friendships tend to become sour. With a little trust, understanding and communication, such differences can be resolved and we can continue to cherish and celebrate friendship. Like any other relationship in your life, counselling can help you build better and reseliant bonds with your friends.

Couples Counseling

A lot of couples tend to seek therapy as a final resort or a last ditch attempt when nothing else seems to be working for them. Couples can feel apprehensive about initiating therapy as it would mean acknowledging the challenges that their relationship is undergoing., some are not able to identify where things might be going south for them and end up shoving the problems under the carpet till a significant event- breakdown in communication, decision to separate, cheating or violence doesn’t occur. A blend of individual and couple therapy can help you identify and work on your struggles together or allow you the right space to part ways.

Relationship Counseling Approach
  • Vent: Your Relationship counsellor will spend the initial part of the therapy in building a rapport with you and giving you a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere to share your challenges.
  • Identify: The relationship counselor will understand the current concerns, explore the relationship in-depth, identify the areas of work, set goals for therapy.
  • Plan: After receiving clarity on the length and breadth of the relationship concern, the relationship counsellor will help to identify whether individual sessions will suffice or there is a need for relationship counselling or family therapy as well to find a resolution.
  • Individual sessions- When individual personality factors like insecurity, anger outbursts, rigid beliefs, unrealistic expectations, inability to regulate emotions, possessiveness, controlling nature impact the interaction or when a previous trauma continues to trigger us in the present and leads to dysfunctional attachment patterns.
  • Relationship counselling or family therapy- When two or more people’s communication patterns, belief systems, attachment styles, distress tolerance, needs, expectations, rigid and flexible, imbalance between intimacy and autonomy, boundaries lead to destructive patterns of codependency, enmeshment, toxic relationships that hurt one or all involved.
  • Action: The Relationship Counselor will help to chart a course of action and step by step take up each problem area of the relationship like controlling behaviour. personality clashes, lack of space, or autonomy, fair fighting, boundary setting and equip you with skills to resolve conflicts change perspectives, find a middle ground or part amicably.
  • Progress: You may find noticeable changes after a few sessions where you would be able to identify triggers, deal with conflict effectively and are able to break the cycle of negative interactions.

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