Challenge of education in India

Education has become the sole Performa of one’s profile index. Higher the levels of education crossed; the profile of a person gets stronger. It is the sole phenomenon of everything in this world which happens because it gives a basic level of understanding to every concept. To start with it, in India, education has undergone many phases. First, Gurukuls were the sole ones to develop intellectual skills and specially focused on “dharma” and “karma” to be two principles in a learner’s life.

Over a while, it has been observed that there are many loopholes in the system of education in India. Instead of understanding the concepts, students started cramming and memorizing the lessons. Knowledge is given a backseat and scoring in high rankings takes importance. Modern parents have tuned their mindsets accordingly and their goal is to ensure that their children score good marks instead of acquiring knowledge right from the primary level.

Our government schools have become the biggest failure in India. This has widened the gap between private schools and government schools. Maintaining a standard of education in more than a million schools nationwide, offering training programs to teachers, and keeping a good balance with education worldwide is a big challenge. Schools vary in size, resources, teachers and are forced to compromise in the all-around development opportunities they must provide to students. Having infrastructural constraints and social issues, it becomes harder to make education accessible to all segments of society; that includes women, minorities, and the poor section. A Real Case study reveals that half of the students going to government schools do not attend the school punctually but they are just going to get full mid-day meals and milk (which is a new scheme). So, the schemes are providing them with nutritional benefits despite educational ones.

An educated individual is an individual who should be able to contribute towards the betterment of the economic and social development of the society as well as the country. The true goal of education must exceed awarding the degrees and certificates to the students. Education is not a tool to earn livelihood but it is a way to liberate the mind and soul of an individual. Working upon the faults is required than complaining and criticizing them. “The grass is greener if watered.” Nourishing the brains of students from a specific perspective should be one of the objectives of our Education System. As once said Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world “. A good education is the best gift one can give to someone.

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