8 Ways in Which Expert Counseling can Address Common Pre-Marital Concerns

There are a number of things that couples need to figure out about their relationship before they tie the knot. Even if the partners have known each other for a long time, or for not long at all, there can be important issues that have not been handled the right way, which can eventually cause strain in the marriage. It is therefore important for couples to opt for premarital counseling to ensure that their lives together will be happy and long-lasting.

What are the common issues addressed during premarital counseling ?

Premarital counseling is becoming popular amongst soon-to-be-married couples because it helps them resolve all issues that can put their marriages at risk in the future. It gives a professional insight into the relationship, which is certainly valuable and can even save a marriage. The following are the common issues addressed during premarital counseling:

Understanding the relationship dynamics and role expectations of the partners:

A lot of people step into their married lives with certain expectations that are often unrealistic, influenced by movies and fiction. This is why partners need to understand what each other needs from the relationship before they get married so that they won’t face unnecessary trouble later on. During premarital counseling, the expert therapist will help you and your partner figure out your relationship dynamics and expectations so that you will be fully prepared to live together with mutual respect and understanding.

Devising future conflict resolution tactics and solutions:

Arguments form an unavoidable part of any healthy marriage. However, it is crucial to not let arguments go out of control and negatively affect the relationship. Therefore, during premarital counseling, you and your partner will be taught how to resolve conflicts without letting them go out of control. Conflict resolution is definitely an important skill you need to learn before getting married, as it can help you save a lot of unnecessary pain and tears in the future. It will definitely bring peace into your married life.

Making a clear plan for managing finances and savings as a couple:

A lot of marriages fall through simply because the partners have different views on managing the finances. Lack of compromise on such matters can eventually lead to severe conflicts. During premarital counseling, the therapist will help you and your partner reach the same wavelength on money matters so that it will not ever cause a strain in your marriage.

Addressing fears and anxieties regarding the upcoming marriage:

Your marriage is one of the most important events of your lives, so it is normal to feel excited and overwhelmed. But if your fear and anxiety is causing your thoughts to move in a negative direction, then they should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you will be entering a new phase of your life with an unclear and fear-ridden mind that can cause you to make wrong decisions. During the counseling sessions, the therapist will help remove the stress from your mind, and help you feel more positive about your upcoming marriage.

Fostering proper intimacy and closeness for a healthy marriage:

A lot of people are wary about the intimacy aspect of a marriage, and it makes them feel stressed and under confident. However, it is quite possible to nurture intimacy and closeness in a relationship through professional guidance. During the premarital counseling sessions, the therapist will help you and your partner feel closer to each other, and thereby develop intimacy which can help you out in the future. You can thereby ensure that your marriage will be healthy and affectionate.

Developing strong communication bridges between the partners:

Proper communication is the key to a healthy marriage, but not many people really know how to do it right. Improper communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts that can take the happiness and joy right out of a marriage. During premarital counseling, the experienced therapist will help you learn all the best ways to establish proper communication bridges with your partner. You and your partner will be able to express each other’s feelings the right way, and preserve love and calmness in the marriage.

Addressing views on life goals and objectives, including family planning:

While life goals are quite important matters to be discussed before marriage, most people do not do so. This is a really bad idea, as it can cause unfair compromises, and even wreck a marriage completely. For instance, one partner might want several kids, while the other is unsure about whether or not to have children at all. Not addressing such issues beforehand can be life altering and damaging. Through premarital counseling, you and your partner can understand each other’s life goals, passions and dreams, so that they will not become problematic in the future.

Resolving past trauma and related problems that can affect the marriage in the future:

Past trauma is one of the major issues that can slowly but surely cause severe damage to your marriage in the future. Trauma can be caused due to a number of reasons, but the best way to solve it is through expert counseling. While getting married, you and your partner should make sure that there is no unsolved trauma that can prevent you from enjoying a healthy marriage. However, not many people are comfortable talking about it openly, which is not ideal. With premarital counseling, such issues can be discovered and resolved before it is too late.

Does premarital counseling seem like a good idea?

If you are planning to get married anytime soon, then it is recommended for you to try out premarital counseling to put all your problems to rest. You can choose to sit for the sessions either alone or with your future partner as you feel right. If effective counseling is what you are seeking, then Beyond Therapy’s premarital counseling package is the right one for you. Look forward to a wonderful married life with the help of Beyond Therapy.

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