What Is Bullying? 3 Mental Health Effects According to Research

Bullying is certainly an unusual yet interesting phenomenon.

If you ask most people, they are likely to say that they have been the victim of a bully. They may even admit to being the bully.

Others will tell you they have been a bully–victim. This is the dual experience of being the bully and the victim at different time points.

Bullying is a type of intimidation and verbal or physical harm to another (Juvonen & Graham, 2014), with an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim (Burger, Strohmeier, Spröber, Bauman, & Rigby, 2015). There are several idiosyncrasies about this concept that we will describe below.

This article is packed with valuable information about bullying, with all the interesting things you wanted to know.

We hope the knowledge you gain from this post will allow you to support your clients in their sessions, whether they have been the victim, bully, or both.

These detailed, will help you or your clients build healthy, life-enriching relationships once they have overcome the trauma of bullying.

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